Footzonology® Practitioner Education

Learn how to repair, rejuvenate, Balance and remove disturbances via the signal system on the feet

What is FootZonology®?


FootZonology® is the study and science of the signal system in the feet. The signal system on the feet are light vessels which are directly connected to the DNA code in every cell of the body and from the DNA-code to our inner blueprint


Within FootZonology® you have the sciences of ZoneBalance® and ZoneAnalysis.


ZoneBalance® is the method on how to utilize the signals in the feet to balance, restore, rejuvenate and repair our four lower bodies. Read more...


ZoneAnalysis is how to read, see and feel the signals from disconnected light vessels and understand the present condition of the four lower bodies. Read more...














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About The Nordblom American Institute of FootZonology®


FootZonology®, AromaRejuvenist, Body Restoration Class Schedule


Home Study Program for Footzonology®, BackZonology and Face Zonology are now available. Please contact us to find out the program details.



I learned so much about the connection between my health and the environmental and diet choices I make, and the oils to help the problems I may have. Read more.

Melanie Arkoudas, FootZonologist Teacher



If there is any company, schools or institutes that claim they teach our method of ZoneBalance and FootZonology®, ask if they have a license to use our method.


There have been several companies which claim they practice the same method as we do, but, their method is not made from the inner blueprint or is not god given.  And do not have the license or have taken the proper training from our Zoning Coaches or licensed instructors in the proper use of our method.


Please call the institute for more information about our instructors or Zoning Coaches  406.333.4216



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