Footzonology® Practitioner Education

Learn how to repair, rejuvenate, Balance and remove disturbances via the signal system on the feet

The following materials are availbale in the HomeStudy Packet:


Book I       ZB + ZA, One DVD + Workbook; The Key to your inner perfection.

Book II      ZB + Workbook + two DVD's; the entire zoning.

Book III     ZB + Workbook;  Structural System + one DVD.

Book IV     ZB + Workbook;  Glandular System.

Book V      ZB + Workbook;  Digestive System.

Book VI     ZB + Workbook;  Cleansing System

Book VII    ZB + Workbook;  Circulatory System

Book VIII   ZB + Workbook;  Nervous System

Book IX     ZB    Coloring Book 100 pages

                  (10 books, 6 DVD's * Workbooks)


The total cost for the material packet is $3,595.00 and 20 days of live seminars can be attended for free for all HomeStudy Students.


The HomeStudy Packet can be purchased from Independent Zoning Coaches or FootZonology  Instructors.


The Zoning Coach or the FootZonology  Instructor will set up your training schedule.


Beginners and Graduation Classes are required to be attended at the Institute in Montana for Diplomas. (total of 8 days)


Intensive Classes are also available at the Institute.  Two Classes of eight days each=sixteen days of intensive training and Graduation.


Please Call for Zoning Coach and Footzonology  Instructors in your area.  50 instructors are available.  Call (406)333-4216 or click here for shedule in Montana.




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