How to become a FootZonology® Practitioner

Seminars and Training Requirement for Certification in the method of FootZonology®


  • Purchase of the Home Study Packet, which consists of 10 manuals, 8 workbooks, and 6 videos.
  • Participate in 20 days of practical training; (8 days with the institute and 12 days with independent FootZonology contractor/instructors.  Or 12 days with the institute and 8 days with independent contractor/Zoning Coach).
  • Send in 8 workbooks for grading to your instructor or training coach.
  • Pass the written tests.
  • And pass the practical examination.  The practical examination is required to be done at the institute.


Any class attended, can be repeated for free.


There are today 50 independent contractors with the right to instruct in FootZonology®.  They have the right to buy the HomeStudy Packet and to resell it to students, and to instruct in the method of ZoneBalance and to use the trademarked names:

ZONEBALANCE and FOOTZONOLOGY® in their training.

Zoning Coaches are independent contractors, which means they all have their own company, institute, or school.  All 50 have the right to instruct in my personal method of ZONEBALANCE

The instructors have 60days of training after their certification in the method of FOOTZONOLOGY®

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