FootZonology® is the study and the science of the signal system on the feet.  The signal system on the feet are light vessels which are directly connected to the DNA code in every cell of the body and from the DNA-code to our inner blueprint.

As we study FootZonology®, two methods are involved:

 1. ZoneBalance® and 2. ZoneAnalysis

ZoneBalance® is a method which reconnects the broken connection and balances and repairs unfavorable imprints in the DNA code and reconnects with the inner blueprint.

ZoneBalance® renews our cells in line with our inner blueprint, rising the body’s life energy and our awareness.  Balancing our four lower bodies into alignment with our blueprint.

Becoming your true self and what you were meant to be.

The method of ZoneBalance® is working in five energy fields in the body

The four lower bodies, connecting from the blueprint via the light vessels.

  1. The seven horizontal energy fields within us, the inner perfection, connecting to the glandular system and the nerves, correcting disturbances from emotions and feelings in the body.
  2. The ten vertical Fields, the meridians, working out from the limbic system (subconsciousness) and the cranial nerves.
  3. The Five “secret” rays, the body’s figure eight flow working out from the heart, spleen, liver, and thymus over the hands and feet.
  4. The symmetrical time within, working with the balance between right and left, Alpha and Omega, Yin and Yang energies.

ZoneAnalysis is a method to see or feel the present condition and notice where the DNA-Code is disconnected from the inner blueprint.  In ZoneAnalysis the following information can be discovered:

  1.   Residues and disturbances from food, drinks and eating habits can be detected.
  2.   Residues and disturbances from foreign particles like chemicals, heavy metals, food additives and drugs can be detected.
  3.   Foreign living beings in the body like parasites, virus, pathogenic bacteria, and fungus.
  4.   Emotional formations and disturbed feelings can be detected.
  5.   Mental formations and disturbances can also be detected.
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