FootZonology® Practitioner education

Learn how to Repair, Rejuvenate, Balance and Remove disturbances via the siganl system on your feet

What is FootZonology®?

FootZonology® is the study and science of the signal system in the feet.  The signal system on the feet are light vessels which are directly connected to the DNA code in every cell of the body and from the DNA code to your inner blueprint.


What Our Clients say

I've Learned so much about the connection between my health and the environmental & diet choices I make, and the essential oils to help the problems I may have.

Melanie Arkoudas

I have been a FootZonologist since September of 2005. As I continute to attend classes at Nordblom American Institute Of FootZonology®, I'm amazed at the vast knowledge I gain to help me better understand that light signal system located in the feet and how to repair and rejuvenate the entire body. All classes are very organized and informative and I always have a very positive experience.

Beverly Barnes

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